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EINO & print products - provide customers and interested parties with the latest content via QR code

Yes, how can EINO help in the area of ​​marketing? In this usecase I’ll show you exactly that. In the area of ​​marketing, there are many ways in which you can become visible outside – let’s now go beyond the area of ​​print media.
There are different ways you can draw attention to yourself. You can print flyers, you can print business cards, you can print other standees. And here we have a very special opportunity to link this with digital content from EINO.

We now have a business card – there is a QR code on the back. It’s nothing new, nothing big. What’s special now? Let’s jump into our EINO app. What happens if content changes? I don’t have to change the QR code here – it’s enough if I can change what’s behind the QR code and I can actually do that very easily here.

The code from the business card is currently assigned two contents:

Firstly, a current occasion – the changeable area. .. In this example we were just on the way to a trade fair in Cologne and on the way to Cologne I made a current video in the context in which I needed the business card (“Hey, we’re on the way to Cologne – I’ll see you later and if we exchange business cards, I’ll be happy if we stay in touch afterwards.” So really a personal touch here.)

And then there is another area – I don’t change it or hardly at all…
This is the area where the people who scan the card actually look at my personal information, i.e. my email addresses and so on actual address, how to make appointments and so on

And what happens if someone scans the QR code on the card? What does it all look like then? Click here! So you can see all the information that I have now published about this via a URL. Of course, exactly this can be transferred to any other print product you can imagine.

Postcards, flyers, books, e-books… Speaking of which – if you are a coach and trainer, for example, if you have written a book, then you can of course also conveniently link your practical exercises, which change from time to time, here. When the reader scans a certain page in your book, you always want to make the exercise available there that corresponds to the most current status. If, for example, the exercise changes or is refined or improved within six months of pressing – no problem! Then the print product does not have to be changed. You also don’t have to create a new landing page and hire an agency. No! You can do all of this yourself with a finger cut. In other words, updating and keeping current information that is linked behind a printed QR code.

So just try it out – create a QR code, print it out and then play around with it a bit and then you’ll see what possibilities it opens up for you and if you have any questions, contact us at any time Feel free to use our chat …we are there for you 24/7. Take care, ciao!

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