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EINO & QM - ultra modern quality management, an expert about its use in the dental practice

Quality management simple and easy!

Discover how our customer and cooperation partner Andrea Knauber demonstrates the performance of our software solution EINO in a clear video. Find out how she uses EINO to optimize quality management and organize internal knowledge transfer intelligently and effortlessly. Stay tuned for efficient solutions to your business challenges!

“The same topics always arise in all practices – so there are always the same challenges and those are exactly three points:

Point 1 – security, in official controls, security in the documentation, are we saving or is there something missing.

Point 2 – the QM system is confusing. We don’t find all documents immediately. There is a lack of structure, some kind of guideline that fits our practice.

Point number 3 – we have too few employees, staff changes, employees leave the practice and take their knowledge with them .

And then it becomes difficult to train new employees quickly and effectively. There is a solution to this challenge – a QM system that is easy to use by all team members, that is loved by everyone and where you don’t have to click five times or scroll for a long time to get to documents of information. – The Eino software is actually suitable for every practice!

You can easily bundle your knowledge in Eino, collect knowledge in Eino, and your documents can be found quickly at any time. Thanks to the innovative QR code function, employees can find everything they need super quickly and you can also explain your processes in practice super easily and make them accessible using this QR code function. Example:

Imagine that you have a QR code that you have previously generated stuck on your sterilizer and you scan this QR code and get to all documents such as validation, routine checks, maintenance, repairs during an inspection is the absolute of Advantage.

Imagine that you have a QR code for your treatment room and that it is linked to a list of tasks and hygiene work that you have to carry out there every day and you can simply scan this checklist and check it off, done, without having to spend a lot of time manually -analog to fill out. Imagine a new employee comes into the practice, scans a QR code and can watch explanatory videos about the processes in the practice. How easy is it to onboard new employees =)

And all of this is actually possible with this software. And that’s exactly why I’ve prepared the QM Masterclass . This means that in a small learning group we work together to implement Smart and Digital for the practices involved in QM and professional support.

At the end of the QM Masterclass, each of these practices will have established an RKI-compliant QM system in practice, which is also used by the team, is further developed and which can actually be put into practice. In the end, QM should actually be fun and advance practice. QM, must be easy and simple and effective.

This is exactly what we achieve with the QM masterclass, which uses EINO as the technical basis. So if you want to revolutionize your QM, build a smart, innovative, modern digital QM system, then onboard, make the training of new employees incredibly easy and make processes quicker, simpler and smarter, then come to our QM masterclass!

Just click on the link and take a look at the information.

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