What customers say about EINO


Robert Pfitzner

Hola - I am, Robert. After studying geodesy, I worked as an engineer in consulting and development for the German state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern for over 10 years before 2010. After that I started my own business with a focus on consulting. After almost 20 years of professional experience I know the world of employees as well as the world of entrepreneurs. Our current clients from the small and medium-sized business sector appreciate exactly this lateral perspective. A major focus of my current work is the identification of processes, the optimization and automation of which provides employees with more time. We have the corresponding automation tools right at our fingertips.

I currently live with my family in Altea (Spain).

Bastian Bannier

Hey, I'm Bastian. With almost 20 years of professional experience under my belt, I provide precise and always practical advice in the area of internal processes. Who does what, when and how? This is always the fundamental question - so the focus is on people. I have the greatest expertise in advising and supporting agricultural businesses. For years, this sector has had an enormous challenge in finding suitable employees and training them as quickly as possible, despite language barriers. The valuable insights gained from this experience can be applied to many industries and make it possible to minimize the barriers to entry for a new employee.

I currently live with my family in Rostock and Schwerin.

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You can share current viewed EINO objects or search results with other people. Easily via the "Share" board function of your mobile device or via a completely different way - you create a QR code linked to this knowledge with a click.

Depending on the rights assignment, only a certain group of people or the whole world can see this content.


  • The impulse is there to call up a certain piece of information
  • You take your PC, your tablet or your cell phone and start EINO.
  • You give your search to EINO by text or voice input
  • EINO searches all data for matching results at lightning speed
  • EINO presents you with matching results - such as audio, video, graphic, document, etc.


  • The impulse is there to save a thought, an idea or any other valuable information asset
  • You take your PC, your tablet or your cell phone and start EINO
  • You record live in the appropriate media format or choose an already existing file
  • You assign a title, keywords etc. if you like and....
  • Just save it. You have just digitized knowledge - Bravo!