The Internet knows an incredible amount,
but by no means everything!

EINO is a storage and search engine for your knowledge, experience, ideas and company internals.

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No more constant searching.
No more inquiries.
No more islands of knowledge.

Store relevant information anywhere + anytime
and find it again smartly when needed.

Why do I need the EINO knowledge managerr?

What happens if an employee in your company drops out?

  • Knowledge is suddenly no longer available
  • Work processes are more ineffective, unclear or even
    are even completely "on hold
  • Others have to be trained quickly
  • This training ties up the time of other
    employees and generates effort + costs
  • Possibly your company is even massively endangered

Save your most valuable resources - time and money - with foresight

Be able to show the processes in the company at the push of a button!

  • Minimize the risk of failure and sleep more soundly
  • Ensure quality standards
  • Let employees train themselves
  • Increase effectiveness and save resources
  • Secure know-how for generations
  • Massively increase company value

At the customer

Our mission

One tool is revolutionizing the market.

EINO - Mission 1

Company knowledge - The situation

Knowledge, wealth of experience, flashes of inspiration - that's what every company is about. Entrepreneurs and employees are accompanied by this every day. There are incredible values at stake here, which one often only becomes aware of when

  • a worker suddenly leaves the company
  • someone leaves the company
  • work processes need to be explained quickly
  • the company has to be sold
EINO - Mission 2

Company wiki? Not smart enough!

Some companies have recognized the risk of knowledge loss and invested a lot of time, effort and money in the company's own knowledge database - its own wiki. Often with the sobering result

  • little to hardly accepted and used by employees
  • high maintenance effort
    very text-heavy and no
  • longer up to date
EINO - Mission 3

The EINOvation


At last, it is possible to digitally capture information of any kind for oneself and the company. This is the very first hurdle into the digital world, which was previously too high for so many SMEs.

Finally, it is possible to find the right information at the right time in this emerging ocean of knowledge.

EINO - ask the egg!

"EINO's goal is that employees love to secure knowledge and find knowledge smartly again. Just like Google, Youtube, Siri & Co. This is linked to the modest goal of becoming the most popular digital tool in small and medium-sized businesses by 2025."

The EINOvation

The most ingenious things are usually simple. EINO is too!

Do you still have a wiki or are you already smart?

With EINO, any entrepreneur, an employee or other authorized person can use information of any...

Secure digital filing

Videos, audios, images, links, emails, text, screen recordings, etc.

Search and find

A smart search engine for all your content.

Make accessible

Create and share content packages.

Information exchange in business

The most successful entrepreneurs have faced these questions - before or at the latest when the problems occurred.


Can you save an important company info in a few seconds and also find it again?


Do you know all the essential processes in your company?
Can you show them to someone at the push of a button?


How many times have you explained something to your employees that a video could have done at least as well?


How many of your brilliant ideas that you wanted to write down have been lost on the way to the office?

Twelve more questions

Market launch in 3 stages

EINO enters the stage.

  • BNL launches market analysis and interviews with managing directors from a wide range of industries in small and medium-sized enterprises on the subject of knowledge transfer. Idea collection.
  • Conception of a prototype for a digital tool under the working title "Smartfinder".
  • Start of first development cooperation between BNL software developers
  • Development of a software architecture taking into account target group relevant parameters and various scaling factors
  • Realization of first essential core modules incl. web app on a development environment
  • Relocation to a high-end cloud server environment in Frankfurt (Main) to ensure all data protection issues as well as scalability in terms of speed, user volume, storage space, etc.
  • Start of a permanent cooperation with the best software implementer from the test period
  • Categorization of EINO free, EINO me, EINO myfamily and EINO mybusiness
  • Deployment of the app for Android and iOS
  • Fine-tuning of core functions for digital storage of any kind of content
  • Fine-tuning of search functions with continuous expansion of search algorithms and metadata used for search
  • Integration of native mobile device capabilities for transcription of audio content
  • Extension of the possibilities for keywording the content
  • Integration of initial gamification aspects to enhance user experience
  • Establishment of various cooperations with experts and leaders of certain industries for the future realization of industry solutions
  • Extension of the architecture by essential aspects from the QM area and much more.
Important: EINO is developed along the needs of the market. In order to ensure this, close cooperation with selected future customers will take place during this phase.
  • Realization of the role and rights based derivatives EINO myfamily and EINO mybusiness.
  • Start of implementation of artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to extend meta-data analysis (image recognition, sequence recognition, etc.) to significantly increase the quality of search results
  • This is accompanied by transcription and integration of translation options
  • Realization of controls via voice commands
  • Industry-relevant functions can be used via add-ons - this also includes an industry-specific QM tree to support the digitization of operations
  • Interfaces for the most common applications in SMEs (e.g. CRM)
  • Provision of a solution to use an on-premise private cloud instead of the standard cloud solution
  • Uvm.
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EINO helps you to start
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Packages, prices and features
EINO helps you to start
Answers to frequently asked questions
You have specific questions?

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